1. Incomplete Creating a Cat (11 pages of 40~)

  2. View from the Window (In Wild Grape Juice)

  3. Leamington marina 08/2014 
    Graphite and Ink

  4. Amateur Dendrology (a guided tree walk) July 16, 2014

    Performance work for 2F05 Sculpture Garden Party “Weeds”

  5. July 5, 2014 - Dock
    A sketch from a ride down the Welland Canal

  6. Improvisations and extensions on The Woman in the Corner
    Watercolour, coloured pencil, and found paper on panel

  7. Creative Space (The White Cube) by Ben Mosher & Jill Suta

    A performance of artistic process - An inflatable cube was erected and I sat inside writing out the artistic statement for the piece while inside of the piece. 

    7’ translucent plastic inflatable cube, Artist, Typewriter, Record Player + 45’s, and artistic inspiration.

  8. Paper collage, transfers, and drawing on board
    Piece I made for aMuse artist in studio


  9. Description of Tracer by Robert Rauschenberg over the sound of the binary of the image being read

    What the image is and what the image means 

    (audio tour commentary found here)

  10. Plaster cast donut

  11. Bunnies Stenciled in a line 

    Key, and Stevia on a table

  12. Carved plaster with image transfers


  13. A sound sampling piece made up of all the audio and video components of a days worth of posts on my dashboard

    Loud Beginning! (still best with headphones)

  14. Assemblage

  15. Field Recordings Soundbank - Soundscapes, Appliances, Doors, Kitchens